Delore Studio is a traveling photography project that focuses on artist portraits and live performances. 

Delore Studio Photography specializes in concert photography and film.

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A little about me...

I'm  from a small town in western Massachusetts, where I grew up fascinated by music and film. I moved to Boston to further my education and career in music. Music has always captivated me but photography is another way I express myself as an artist.  My parents gave me my first 35mm slide camera when I was five and I could not put it down. Over the years I got different film cameras and was blown away when I saw my first digital camera. 

In my first semester at college I realized that music was my career and that photography could be an outlet for artistic expression that my music was separate form. I learned how to balance both while staying creative and maintaining professionalism. In photography I want to capture those moments that we don't always get to replay in our head. I especially enjoy working with artists and live events because so much potential is there within the canvas of life. I also enjoy portrait photography because it creates the opportunity to meet and work with outstanding individuals.



Prints or DVDs can be arranged by request. Photos can also be shot on film by request.

I do enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life so feel free to contact me by e-mail, phone, or one of my social media sites.