Why “Grapefruit” Save The Day

The album that has all the vibes.

There are bands that write songs and there are bands that write tunes. A tune is something that we all can jam out to. It is something that saves your soul when you’ve had a rough week. It is the quintessential vibe at the best party. This band is one that can write tunes. The band, Saves The Day, is not your average punk rock band. Their music, to put it frankly, has all the vibes. They have written enough tunes to be inducted into the hall of fame in my opinion. I came to know this band through my roommate Steve Knecht. He is undoubtedly to the best of my knowledge their biggest fan. He got me into their music and knows everything there is to know about the band.

The following is a song by song review of Saves The Day’s self titled album (commonly referred to as The Grapefruit Album).

Remember: Insert copious amounts of whammy (the essence of punk), along with the kick ass vocals and this tune is jamming. Besides the great guitar work here, you will be treated with one of the most memorable melodies of this album. Another point to note, the bass work and bowing going on makes the piece come together to create a lovely sonic image. This song is like the prologue for a novel that you know is going to pull on your heart strings. 

Blow it off let’s stay here just for the day

I remember

I remember you

I remember

I remember you

In the in Between: This here is by far my favorite song. It is memorable in both harmony and lyrics. The overall songwriting on this track is phenomenal mainly due to the perfect sync of melody and lyrical content. It uses a variety of rhyme and phrasing juxtaposition to keep it moving forward. It also utilizes refrain before the chorus which is something I really enjoy in songs. Despite a heavy subject it gets you going due to it’s upbeat rhythm. For me, this is a very personal song due to the lyrics. It tells of how relationships with people can ride a fine line between the love and the breakup;

Our luck is in the between of

Better days and never be okay

Our love is in the between of

Say my name and say you’ll go away

Beyond All of Time: This song may seem like a bunch of lyrical clichés but I can assure you it is not, and the delivery is anything but cliché. This song has heavy feels. How I interpret it is when you and the one you love spend time together you feel as though it can go on forever. You never want the love to end. The melody and harmony amongst the vocals and guitar is spot on in this song.

To know I love you beyond all of time

Together forever tonight

I’ll always be right by your side tonight

I love you beyond all of time

Ain’t No Kind of Love: This song is really sad for me at times. I love it dearly and it’s melody is one you need if you’re going through a rough time. The struggle of relationships is something we all deal with and pain from those kind of situations suck.

For right to now make it through the long day, is okay

Tomorrow, when anything can happen

Try again.

Until then keep on breathing

The love you long to know is within

Lucky Number: Another great tune here. I love the story in this one. This song has the potential to become a novel I think; that is if Chris decides to go into literature.

The letter with the words, never loved you at all

And if this is the end, I’ll be glad when you’re gone

My roommate Steve said,“The verses on this song, are my favorite. Arun’s guitar, (I think it’s him playing) sounds like Jesus. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album.”

Xenophobic Blind Left Hook: Cue that catchy indie rock major-chord progression transitioning to minor. I love that! The title of this song is enough to make most people hit skip but, alas, we must never judge a book by it’s cover. For anyone who wants a new song to hit replay on, and just jam out over and over to; your prayers have been answered. This song is my second favorite on the album purely for harmonic and melodic reasons. I grew up on classic rock and those chord progressions and guitar riffs is what got me into playing guitar. When I hear this song, I am reminded of the rock from my youth. Sonically speaking, the tone of the guitars and ambient drones in the background is solid in mix and placement.

The Tide of Our Times: Like the rest of this album, for me every song could be a hit; especially this one. The work that Chris does on creating unforgettable melodies to deliver his meaningful lyrics is something that you don’t see a single person or band doing much anymore. I have a lot of respect for this kind of songwriting and I love it when there is a political song on an album.

Supernova: The vibes man. This piece is dope. Don’t listen to this song if you’re feeling depressed. I’m just kidding. But actually, the feelings of darkness and despair from missing your lover are tough as f***. If you have not gone through a bad breakup, than this song will be hard for you to understand. But actually though, this song has got really great writing in it’s hook. It is not easy to take words like obliterated, supernova, oblivion, and decimated, then put them into a working thought that is both deep and musical. Probably one of my favorite hooks on this album.

Like a supernova

A welcomed coma, a blackout blow up

The world to hell

A decimated, obliterated, oblivion

Gone for good, farewell

When all is well

Verona: The number one thing about this track is the solid drum performance here. Dude, Claudio is a hammer! Such incredible work here. Also I love the heavy, “atomic” guitar going on thought the song. That is what i’m talking about. That’s what gets the crowds going.

Ring Pop: Another bar meet? Noticing a theme? I’m joking. I wish I heard this song years ago. This song I feel is really underrated on their album and from their online playlists as well. This song lyrically again hits straight for the heart. It is really beautiful to think about a future with someone when you both fall in love. The act of singing a song with someone you care about seems like something out of a fantasy but if you know that you are going to be with someone in the end then why not share a song now. Even if it ends suddenly, you will always have that song. My favorite lyric part is the imagery created when I hear/read:

Knowing in 20 years we would not be alone

Might have made us a pair of zen-like two-year-olds

With a couple of ring pops no need to propose

Before we live forever say

Together we can be okay

If it’s the last thing that we do

I wanna sing along with you

Stand in the Stars: Right off the bat, the descending guitar riff tells the listeners that this is the ending song. The words run right into one another making you focus in on what is happening. The guitar solo/melody supplies a great harmony throughout the entire piece, something that is reminiscent of more classic rock, and is a big plus in my book. In my opinion, this song is a bit opposite from the others on this album. It is more upbeat and optimistic in lyrics to me than a lot of the album. I really dig the imagery expressed in this piece, because it is basically what one’s mind says while we’re thinking/talking about someone we care about.

We’ll stand in the stars.

Spinning in a circle sideways.

Silhouetted by a hundred million burning constellations.

I’m Orion upside down,

In my arms you’re Artemis, 

Our love so out of control.

Wow, so many great feelings there. This band is remarkable in their songwriting in both the music theory aspect as well as how each song is communicated. Each album in general is diverse and keeps the listener engaged in the message. I never considered myself to be an avid listener of pop punk until I roomed with a pop punk artist. Out of all the hours of music Steve played, this band stood out and above the rest. Everything about their music is real; the feeling, the delivery, the musicianship, etc. So right now, I recommend you go to the nearest record store or internet capable machine and just plug in to Saves. This band’s music has #allthevibes.

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